Dr. W. Herff, Beratung & Training Dr. W. Herff, Beratung & Training


We support you in improving your management of the interplay between strategy, structure, culture, humans, machines and processes in your specific business operations. As a consulting company with a systemic approach, our mission is to collaborate with you in initiating processes of change, and to accompany you in their implementation. 

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Individually tailored training courses, workshops or seminars are the only way to achieve clearly defined goals for the specific situations of the participants.

Every training program begins with a clarification of which learning goals are to be achieved for which situation and for which target group.

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We provide you with expert support in all stages of development and implementation of your integrated personnel development concept.

For us, personnel development means all measures that contribute to the attainment of corporate strategic goals through a highly motivated and highly qualified team.

Good personnel development needs a clear guiding principle running through all its components!

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Coaching is an individually tailored process in which the coachee and the coach work together to develop solutions for defined tasks.


Challenges an individual person is faced with call for individualized approaches. Coaching is always the appropriate option when issues relate specifically to an individual member of staff or when that person has to achieve substantial learning progress in a very short time.

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Results through people

Meeting challenges, creating and maintaining quality!

Let us accompany you on the paths that will lead your company and your staff most efficiently to your goals. Together with you, we will define the development objectives and the roadmaps that best suit you and your system. We have the know-how to change and update knowledge, behavior, processes and strategies with approaches that ensure both effectiveness and acceptance!



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