About us

Our company, W. Herff Beratung und Training, has been providing consulting and training services since 1993.

Our strengths: We offer a winning combination of sound academic know-how in Psychology and Economics with years of practical experience and outstanding educational expertise. This is reflected in a predominance of extremely longstanding collaborations with numerous reputable clients (see our References).

We operate in all fields of business, with a special focus on the automotive, trade, bank and insurance sectors, as well as the construction industry.

As "Personnel Developers" our mission statement is:
To work with your staff to achieve goals, to overcome challenges, and to build and maintain quality!

We facilitate personnel development in the following ways: 

  • Improvement of patterns of behavior in communicative situations
  • Development of attitudes that facilitate successful handling of business operations
  • Development of mindsets and approaches that secure success in daily practice
  • Acquisition of background knowledge to be able to understand and apply tools of everyday business practice
  • Acquisition of communicative techniques that are required when applying such everyday tools

Our Challenge:

We want to be measured by in advance defined success criteria (not only by "happy sheets")

We start off with the question: How will you recognize that your investment has paid off?
Our didactic matrix is a tried and tested tool that we use to ensure successful curriculum mapping. We ask: What new knowledge needs to be built up? What attitudes need to be developed or changed? What behavior patterns and behavioral techniques need to be acquired or improved?
We then determine the appropriate contents and didactic methods for each of the defined learning goals.

Our products and services: