Current projects

Our customized projects demonstrate a different facet of our scope of service and how we proceed in achieving results.

Under the headline of "projects" we describe development or change projects covering a longer time span or projects beeing exceptional in contents or didactic procedure.

Our approach to projects

Procedure in handling projects

By experience we have learned that in larger projects the first phases are decisive. That is why we stick to the following steps when designing a new project togehter with our customer:

  • Clarification of the assignment: Who got the first idea of the projects? What triggered the idea? What facts describe the starting situation best? What are the current problems? What are the current strengths? What are the implication for the system?
  • Stakeholderanalysis: Who are the direct in indirect stakeholders? What are their needs and fears? What impact does the project have for them? Who should participate? Who will support and who will object? aus?
  • Interests and goals: What will the fundamental changes be if the project is succesful? How will the project improve the current reality? What indicators will show that the desired changes have occurred? What should not be changed through the project?
  • Restrictions: What aspects have to be considered in the framing conditions of the company? What are the risks? What can be done to minimize the effects of the risks?
  • Developing the concept: Transfering the gained findings into a first proposition with specific learning objectives and measurements of success and didactic methods.
  • Deciding the concept with customer: The proposition has to be finalized with the customer. Goals, objectives and proceeding have to be agreed.
  • Piloting: If possible the concept is tested in a smaller environment.
  • Evaluation 1: In a first evaluation the participants of the program give their opinion. Do they feel that the goals are met? What did they change in their daily routine? How did  didactic approach work out. 
  • Finalizing the concept: Die Findings of evaluation 1 are used to improve the program.
  • Roll-Out: The program is rolled out throughout the company.
  • Evaluation 2: This evalutation measures mainly the intended results.