Business Nagigator: Leadership program for heads of service

Together with our client Volvo Trucks we developed a leadership program for heads of the body shops. 

The goal of the educational program was to support the heads of service to reach their strategic goals more efficiently and more effectively. The program was designed to really meet the needs of the participants in their daily task to enable a better transfer.

To meet this goal members of the target group were incorporated into the team that developed the specific learning objectives, the contents and the didactics of the program.

Learning Objectives

The participants are to receive an extensive understanding of their responsibilities and tasks as leaders. By doing this we had to take into account that leaders with different levels of experience would take part.

For our client it was very important that the participants would develop a similar understanding of their leadership role. They should develop an in depth understanding of their balanced goals and assume responsibility for measurable results (KPIs).

After the program they should continously anlyse the system for which they are responsible and detect chance, threats and deviations. And they should be able and willing to develop realistic plans from their analysis.

Important specific objectives were:

  • Be able to use a systemic approach to analysing their "system" to decide on a specific action plan that meets the company goals
  • Understand important figures and kpis and analyse "drivers" and "consequences" of the figures
  • Understand that objectives only can be reached in close cooperation with the entire team
  • Establish a culture of personnel development according to the "leadership pipeline"
  • Understand the importance of a motivated team and knwo the drivers of satisfaction and motivation and how to influence them
  • Master communication skills needed to conduct typical leadership conversations like: Agreeing goals, feedback, appraisals, problem solving, correction ... .

Leadership Process & Tasks