Coaching and "Personal Training"

Coaching is an individually tailored process in which the coachee and the coach work together to develop solutions for defined tasks.

Challenges an individual person is faced with call for individualized approaches. Coaching is always the appropriate option when issues relate specifically to an individual member of staff or when that person has to achieve substantial learning progress in a very short time.

For us, the first step is to clarify the reasons for a request for coaching. Only then can we decide whether the case requires coaching, or rather "personal training'. The "personal trainer" shows the way to improve personal skills and provides customized training units to practice these skills.
In our view, coaches are more like sparring partners who work with their coachees to think through complex issues, consider the various aspects, reflect on mental models and develop new and unfamiliar patterns of behavior.

Typical topics or reasons for coaching:

  • A managers is experiencing low acceptance from their staff.
  • A managers or specialist is having difficulties finding their way in a new role.
  • A managers or specialist wants to prepare themselves optimally for the assumption of a new role.
  • An important, complex negotiation situation needs to be optimally prepared for.
  • Performance in a team has fallen for no directly apparent reasons.
  • A person feels that their own ideas often do not come across to others.

Typical topics or reasons for "personal training"

  • The rhetorical skills of a member of staff need to be improved.
  • A member of staff needs support in self-management and time management or in the setting of priorities.
  • A salesperson needs to improve their skills in closing sales.
  • A sales consultant needs to be able to establish better contact with new customers.
  • A manager needs to be able to chair meetings better.
  • A manager needs to conduct staff appraisals more efficiently.
  • A member of staff needs to improve her skills in cold acquisition and/or telephone acquisition.

Of course, hybrid forms of coaching and personal training are also feasible.