Coaching in Projects

Unfortunately projects seldom run according to plan. We effectively support your projects:

  • external evaluation of projects: We analyse course and history of projects and together with project management and project members we define the factors to drive success and effectivity.
  • Reflection of projects: We moderate team reflections on the current course of projects in regular intervals. In theses reflections the current reality of the project is revised, risks are detected and flaws in (communication) processes can be improved.
  • Coching of project managers: In our coaching sessions with project management we work on attitutes, responsibilities, leadership style and leadership behaviour that might influence the course of the project.   
  • Management of conflict: In some projects escalating conflict loops endanger the success of projects. External moderators or mediators can help the conflicting parties to find back to discussion that are conducted in a constructive spirit.

Reflections on projects


Especially in the construction business we acquired a lot of experience in conducting "reflections on projects".

Goals of reflections of projects

  • Early identification of misunderstandings and different interpretation of important facts
  • Identifying and addressing arising problems in time and prevent escalating conflicting loops
  • Agile risk analysis and early adaptation to upcoming risks
  • Learning from the insights gained by earlier processes (whitebook)

Typical course of a reflection

  1. Statusquest regarding satisfaction with achievement of objectives, processes, communication, relation
  2. Listing of events that have positive influence on the cause of the project
  3. "More of these!" Agreement on methodes, processes and behaviours which should be used more often in future
  4. Listing of events and issues that had and have a negative impact
  5. Setting priorities: What topics have to be discussed in more detail?
  6. Quick-Wins: What can be done to improve quickly?
  7. Extensive work on critical and complex issues.