The success of leadership depends on a variety of factors. Personal characteristics of leaders and team members "clash" in a very specific environment.

Leaders have to adapt part of their attitudes, believes, behaviours and communication to the characteristics of their specific team and their specific situation. On the other hand they have the opportunity to influence people and situation.

Managementcoaching helps to adapt to people, situation and the complete system and develop appropriate skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Our approach to coaching of managers and leaders

In our systemic leadership approach we always intend to discover together what values, goals, objectives, communication styles and behaviours are most appropriate in their current reality.

We highlight we analyse the interplay of the different factors that play a part in making the system run.

During the coaching process leaders reflect their attitudes, values, behviours etc. and find out how these correspond with their relevant system.  They can define their role within the system and find a new approach to tasks, responsibilites and communication.