Sales Coaching

Our objectives in our sales coachings are:

  • We support your sales representatives in improving their overall performance. Together with the coachee we reflect attitudes, beliefs and behaviour as well as strategic approaches to their market and customers to instigate individual development.
  • We develop specific skills that are decisive for sales success. These might be: relationship oriented selling, analysis of needs, presentation skills, influencing skills, value based selling, closing sales, acquisition of new customers.
  • We coach entire organizations in meeting specific challenges or changes.  (e.g. increasing customer satisfaction, augmenting the number of new clients, increase customer loyality or decreasing staff fluctuation).


In sales coaching very specific measurable objectives can be achieved. Before the coaching process starts we define the objectives and how they are measured.

As commitment is crucial for the success of every coaching we together decide how the coachees are drawn into the coaching process.

A "mental contract" at the beginning of the coaching process between coachee and coach clarifies expectations, roles, responsibilities and approaches throughout the process.