Quality Management

Quality management encompasses not only your goals, structures and corporate culture but also the qualification and motivation of your staff, all with the aim of securing or increasing defined performance levels.

In an integrated  quality management system, all components are focused around the performance in the provision of goods or services. In einem System des ganzheitlichen Qualitätsmanagement werden alle Komponenten rund um die Leistungserbringung gestaltet.

In our consulting services on quality management, we provide you with support in the following areas:

  • In your definition and your customer´s of quality
  • In the analysis of the individual quality drivers
  • In the analysis of interactions between the individual quality drivers
  • In sharpening your managers' quality consciousness
  • In the acquisition of knowledge about techniques and methods of quality management
  • We accompany you and your company through the complete process of quality management
  • We coach your managers and staff in the implementation of methods (e.g. "lean six sigma") in their respective fields

The parts of our model of quality

Our consulting services on quality management always begin with a careful analysis of your differentiated goals. Then, together with you, we establish the appropriate approach and decide whether training courses, workshops, coaching, large group methods or e-learning modules are the best and most efficient way for you to reach your goals.