Handling conflicts and negotiations

"Conflict is the father of all things" (Heraklitus (520 - 460 BC). This means that very often the best solution is only found after a controverse discussion. 

It is not our intention to reduce conflicts but to enable people to use conflicts in an efficient and constructive way. We are convinced that controvesial ideas, goals and approaches can lead to improvement and innovation if handled professionally.

Successful solving of conflicts is depent on attitudes towards subjects and partner, skills to influence and structure the process and techniques of argumentation.

Above all top negotiatior master behavioural stragtegies and methods to influence perception, emotions and interpretations of themselves and their partners in the discussion.

In building these attitutdes and skills we support you:

  • By analyzing your typical conflicts and find new solutions
  • By acting as moderator or mediator in internal conflicts I
  • By helping you to prepare for complex negotiations or conflictual situations
  • By helping your managers and staff to develop the skills needed to be more efficient in critical conversations and to better find acceptable solutions in conflict