Balancing Interests - Advanced Negotiation Skills

Advanced negotiation means orienting the negotiation according to strategic considerations and finding a viable solution in complex situations with a range of diverging interests.


Target group:  People who have to negotiate more than just prices

Goals:  Participants gain insight into the components that determine success in complex negotiations. They learn how to prepare themselves efficiently for complex negotiations. They increase their understanding of the prerequisite attitudes without which the negotiation of a balance of interests would not be possible in the first place.


Target Group:

People who take part in more complex negotiations.

Learning objectives

Participants become aware of the drivers that lead to successful negotiations. They learn to prepare complex negotiations efficiently. They comprehend the necessary attitudes to make balancing of interests possible.


  • Complex negotiation situations – when "bazaar negotiation" is no longer sufficient to achieve the goal
  • Setting the negotiation goals properly: the way to the goals
  • Thinking in terms of interests and prioritizing interests
  • Checking your own perceptions – facts instead of assumptions and interpretations
  • Analysis of the opposition: situation – interests – decision-makers ….
  • The power of the mind – how attitudes and assumptions influence the course of negotiations
  • Areas requiring attention during the negotiation: managing the process- the content – the human factor
  • The right arguments: building up your own argumentation meticulously
  • Possibilities of relationship management
  • The stages of a negotiation, their objectives and specific behavior patterns
  • Techniques of influence in the negotiation
  • Anticipating barriers to implementation and making these a part of the negotiation
  • Making binding agreements

Duration: 3 Days