Personnel development

We provide you with expert support in all stages of development and implementation of your integrated personnel development concept.

For us, personnel development means all measures that contribute to the attainment of corporate strategic goals through a highly motivated and highly qualified team.
Good personnel development needs a clear guiding principle running through all its components!

Our services for personnel development comprise the following components:

  • Analysis and definition of goals: Effective personnel development helps the implementation of strategic goals. We help you to set up your balanced score card for personnel development
  • Definition of competences and competence models: We work with you to analyze which skills your personnel require in order to be able to achieve the agreed results. We promote the development of strengths and resources and the reduction of weaknesses.
  • Definition of concepts for personnel selection: We work with you to develop selection procedures that will find the members of staff you need for your company, your goals, your culture and your team. The test procedures we use are scientifically proven in their validity, reliability and objectivity.
  • Development and implementation of potential analyses: On the one hand, potential analyses provide answers to very broadly posed questions like "What potentials lie dormant in my members of staff". On the other hand, they can also yield very specific information on questions like the following: Are certain members of staff suitable for certain positions? Which skills and abilities do members of staff need to develop or refine in order to expand their functions more successfully? We develop the potential analyses that you need.
  • Staff surveys: Often, the right approaches to personnel development are only possible through the participation of the members of staff involved. Externally conducted staff surveys are more objective and yield more valuable information.
  • Definition and development of measures: We work with you to develop learning goals, learning forms (seminars, workshops, training programs, e-learning, large group methods) as well as didactic approaches that are tailored to the respective target groups and that guarantee the greatest success.
  • Performance of education and training measures
  • Monitoring of achievements and redefinition of goals: After the performance of the measures we assess whether the measures have achieved the desired success, and work with you to decide on further steps.
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