Seminars, workshops and training courses in the field of management

Made-to-measure training courses, seminars or workshops to ensure that managers fulfill their roles and achieve common goals together with their staff

Successful managers tune their own behaviour and their use of management tools to their staff and to specific situational requirements within the system. When deciding on a "management style" managers have to consider the interplay of all the components of the leadership system.

This means that the learning objectives must also be carefully tuned to the specific situation.

We support your key personnel in gaining a better understanding of their system and in drawing the right conclusions for their decisions and their behavior.

Managers are more efficient when:

  • they know and have accepted their role and their responsibilities.
  • they are able to identify target-performance deviations in their system and to draw the right conclusions from this knowledge.
  • they know and can master their individual tasks and duties.
  • they know and can use the management tools available to them.
  • they can adapt their style to different situations and different people.
  • they have efficient procedures for solving problems.
  • they have the skills required to deal effectively with critical communication episodes.
  • they are efficient in their self-management and in the way they set their priorities.

Top managers/leaders fully understand the interplay of all the components of the management system.