Making better decisions

There is a real art to making decisions in complex situations despite uncertainty. Managers need to know the most crucial errors that can occur in the decision-making process, as well as ways to improve the quality of their decisions

Target group: Managers who have to make important decisions under uncertainty

This workshop elucidates the various processes involved when human beings make decisions and shows ways and methods to improving your own decision-making process.


  • Typical decision problems for managers
  • "Normal" errors of judgment in decision-making situations
  • Intuition and complex decision-making process
  • Examples of errors of judgment in the real world: from Chernobyl to the wrong choice of candidate for a job
  • Decision-making in the case of simple (trivial) problems
  • Components of the decision-making space: making decisions in complex situations
  • Interests and changes in views of reality
  • Decision-making and power
  • Decision-making criteria in the management system
  • Procedures in the decision-making process
  • Techniques and behavior patterns that facilitate good decisions

Duration:   2 days

Approach:  Numerous real-world examples enable participants to identify typical errors of judgment. Exercises illustrate clearly that everyone is prone to such errors, and thus underline the necessity of careful decision-making. On the basis of typical decision-making scenarios for managers, participants practice techniques to improve the decision-making process. Finally, they apply the procedure to their own practical examples.