Negotiation, conflict management, change management

Introducing and implementing changes requires outstanding skills in negotiation and conflict management.


When dealing with conflicts and negotiations, people have to avoid being either too hard or too soft and focus on being objective. Achieving this calls for constant self-reflection and optimization of their own attitudes and patterns of behavior, and of how they deal with their own emotions.

In countless projects and through intensive study of scientific research (including years of teaching at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences) we have gathered sound experience in training staff in negotiation techniques and conflict management. 


Core ideas of our approach:

  • In a conflict, the interests of all parties involved (stakeholders) have to be taken into consideration
  • Emotions play a key role in negotiations – they need to be managed well
  • In a conflict, top negotiators pay attention to the factual issue, the process, and the human side of things
  • Thorough preparation improves the probability of success in negotiation situations
  • Success in conflict resolution requires mastery of fundamental techniques like, for example, those in the Harvard negotiation model
  • In a conflict situation, strategy and tactics are both crucial