Seminars, trainings courses and workshops in sales and marketing

Sales training courses that provide practical support – with a sound theoretical background – to your team in their specific situation and with their specific tasks

Success in sales is always the product of success in managing the complex interaction of attitudes, communication and behavior between the salesperson and the customer. Sales staff need to learn how to intelligently manage this complex interplay of purchasing motives, sales techniques and differences of interest in the involved parties.

Currently, adaptive selling and value based selling are the order of the day. In recent years, a range of scientific studies have been published that examine success factors in modern selling, or rather "facilitating purchasing".

In our sales training programs, we combine our long years of practical experience with a sound scientific background and can thus offer development courses that are refreshingly up to date.

Our basis for optimization of sales:

  • Move over from selling to facilitating purchasing
  • Salespersons shape the purchasing process
  • Customers want to experience all-round added value
  • Added value is always an individual perception
  • Salespersons have to adapt to their customers and be personally convincing
  • Long-term success in sales is always anchored in the team
  • Salespersons have to make the fit between products/services and customer expectations/motives into a hands-on experience
  • Success in sales requires the bundling of the skills of the entire sales team

Succesful sales measures take the complete sales system into full account.