Anja Müller


Certified business economist, FH Anhalt/M.A.

Technical University of Kaiserslautern

Interests: Crafts such as knitting and gardening; Culture (for instance museums and theater)

Occupartional history

  • Business studies with a special focus on human resources development
  • Postgraduate studies M.A. with a focus on adult education
  • Coaching apprenticeship and Train The Trainer
  • Since 2000: trainer within the automobile industries
  • Sales agent and team director of an international callcenter in telephone sales
  • Since 2005: Freelance adult educator in various industries such as automobile, craft, specialised trade, entertainment, wellness and health
  • Freelance sales representative within exclusive retail

Focus areas

  • Coaching & training on sale topics such as target group-oriented client acquisition for phone or field service
  • Development and execution of trainings and seminars on marketing-oriented topics such as result-oriented communication within salesprocesses and powerful presentation of goods
  • Apprenticeship as certified automotive salesperson and certified sales assistant
  • Auditing of "Certified Automotive Salespeople" and "Certified Sales Assistants"
  • Creation and support of mystery shopping experiences in retail
  • Development and execution of trainings and seminars on management-oriented topics such as performance reviews or applicant interviews
  • Support of daily management work